Big news! It seems like Blendr, the straight version of Grindr has been merged with (acquired by?) 150m users strong Badoo?

Brain child of Grindr founder Joel Simkhai, Blendr hast just launched on Android 5 hours ago. Blendr aims to be the straight version of Grindr, however it is more targeted to meeting like-minded people with similar interests rather than merely hooking up.

I was a bit perplexed when looking at Blendr’s description, it states that over 150 million users are already on the platform. However, Grindr is only running at 4 million members and Blendr was launched one and a half years later than Grindr. Hm, some numbers here are not matching up here. I know that Badoo, which lets like-minded people meet based on their interests has 150m users and is valued at $300m and they… HANG ON!

After checking out both Blendr’s and Badoos description, one can see that they are almost the same. Actually, the screenshots of the app are the same and the app themselves are exactly the same. If you download both apps and sign in both, it actually tells you in one that you have already been signed in the other. Furthermore, the apps look exactly the same and the people around you are the same, too. Have a look here:

There you have it, Blendr has merged with Badoo. I estimate Blendr users numbers to be around 200,000 making this merger very beneficial to them since Badoo has a 150 million strong community. So was it the tech being provided by Blendr and the community by Badoo? Does this mean Blendr has been acquired by Badoo? Will Grindr follow suit? This is exciting, is there a kingpin serendipity player forming?

This should be on techcrunch within the next few hours…then we’ll know :)

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